Force of Law by Jez Morrow

Force of Law - Jez Morrow

Originally read 2/13/2010 - reread 11/13/2013


I had originally read this book in 2010. I adored it then and I still adore it now. I was surprised how much of the story I had forgotten, though. The whole beginning is what stuck in my mind but the ending and how gentle and caring Law gets really surprised me. I liked that Law had so many layers. He was this tough, possessive, alpha male. he's very intimidating but people are drawn to him for his money. By the end, he still manhandles Tom but he's more gentle now and loving. Tom's reaction to everything Law does just cracked me up. He's cranky, sulky and snarky at times but he can't help but do what Law says.

*sigh* This is just a fun, hot story that is definitely a comfort read to me. It makes me all melty inside when I read it and Law and Tom together? Damn, they're so freaking hot even *I* couldn't get enough of them!

But, but, but.... now I want a sequel! I want to see their wedding! And their babies!