Illumination by Rowan Speedwell

Illumination - Rowan Speedwell

There's something about Ms. Speedwell's writing that always draws me in. When I read her, I know I'm going to enjoy her story and this one is no different.

I absolutely adored these characters. Miles just breaks my heart with his issues. He's complex and has so many hidden things about him. I loved that as the story progressed, we slowly started to understand why Miles is the way he is. I'll admit, I wanted to shake him silly a few times but I also wanted to hug him and keep him safe. I connected with Miles because of how broken he is but it took a little while for me to like Adam. At first, I thought he was this conceited, spoiled rock star but the more I read, the more I realized that he just needed to find his way and where Miles helps him do that, Adam also helps Miles find his way. One thing I hated about Adam, though, was his drug habit. Then again, at the same time, his denial in actually having an addiction was very realistic.

The story explores how Adam and Miles meet, the instant connection they have and then the separation they go through when they get back to their lives. Unfortunately, they each have their issues and those issues make having a relationship difficult. Add to that, doubts and insecurity create unwanted second thoughts that cause some conflict between their fledgling relationship. I liked the way the book was handled and also the journey that Miles and Adam take to finally be together. It's sweet and heartbreaking but I couldn't put the story down once I was able to sink my teeth into it.

While I enjoyed the story a lot, though, I did have some issues. Mostly, I understood the bond Miles and Adam created but I still found it hard to believe that these two had such a deep connection to the point that they'd be willing to wait for each other. IMO, they barely knew each other, or at least we didn't see them getting to know each other to the depth that they claimed. Beyond that, I wished we could have seen more of Miles and Adam when they finally work things out and I would have loved to see Adam's rehabilitation with Miles.

All in all, this was a great story. It pulled at my heartstrings and made me fall in love with the characters but I also loved how these two got to where they finally ended up. Definitely recommended for those looking for something semi-angsty but with great characters.