Midsummer Law (Midsummer, #3) - Megan Derr I accidentally read this book before the other two in the series but it was still good. I liked how it started out as insta-lust and gradually, over a few months, grew to love between Kirby and Merry. I loved how different Merry was, all decked out in full-goth gear; while it might sound juvenile, the way it's written and described just fit with what you come to know of Merry. I couldn't help but laugh at what was Kirby's 'type' and Merry definitely is his type.

I found the relationship between Kirby and his secretary to be hilarious. Whoever says woman don't rule the world is totally wrong because in this book Nancy does. Lol. Oh, and I have I mentioned Kirby being auctioned off? Hilarious.