Where To Find Harte (Contact, #4) - Jade Archer I think this was the best one in the Contact series so far. I liked the different angle Jade went with this one. Instead of the main cat feeling betrayed by someone they thought they could trust, Harte knows from the beginning Logan is there for the sole reason of taking him back. Sure, he tries to persuade Logan not to and even feels a little hurt after they make love and Logan still won’t help him but Harte still knew it was a slim chance Logan would go back on his contract to capture Harte.

So far, all the cats in this series have kinda had backbones in where they stick up for themselves when they most need to but it’s always at a time when things can’t change much. With Harte, it’s clear throughout the whole book he embraces his backbone wholeheartedly. When asking Logan for help doesn’t work, he tries to find help elsewhere by attempting to steal Logan’s ship. When that doesn’t work and he’s captured again only to have Logan rescue him, he refuses to go anywhere with Logan until Logan frees the other cats in the facility.

I liked Harte a lot for that main reason. He wasn’t a pushover and when Logan raged at him for not telling him about what could happen to him if he ran away again, Harte still stuck up for himself and wouldn’t let Logan just get away with that. Well, until Logan says those three magic words. Lol. Although Logan might not seem it, he’s a very likable character, almost as much as Harte is. Even though he’s a bounty hunter, he still has feelings for Harte and when he gets his feelings hurt believing Harte is using him, you just can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Also, he redeems himself for anything bad you might think he did by trying to make Harte happy and rescuing the other cats.

Anyway, I was very delighted with this book and I’m glad that with each story told in this series, they just keep getting better. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this world and which little kitty will have his HEA next. Personally, I hope it’s either Lacey, because I just feel so sorry for the little guy and want to give him a great big hug, or Val, the cat doctor who took it upon himself to help Harte and Logan get back into each other’s good graces.

Definitely recommended. image

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