Midnight - Megan Derr Again, no surprise that I love this one. Lol

Midnight and Devlin are quite the pair. Devlin is a witch and Midnight is a functional draugr (zombie). Devlin is arrogant, snappy and brash while Midnight is softer. He's polite, easy-going and caring. They both harvest an unrequited love for the other but there's reservations on Devlin's side that gives Midnight his doubts about Devlin's feelings. One thing I do love about Derr's books is how there's always someone who's snippy and snappy and while it's both Devlin and Midnight, it's mainly Devlin that's like that. Although Midnight always has some type of smile to give Devlin ranging from sweet and genuine to sarcastic and smug. It's pretty entertaining.

The mystery in the story is actually good. It took me a while to figure out who was resurrecting all the draugr. I thought it was done rather well and I liked the resolution to it all especially since it made Devlin pull his head out of his ass. Aside from the mystery and Midnight and Devlin's relationship, there's two side relationships that I found fascinating and would like to see more of.

All in all, a great book and while there are still editing misses, it's not as bad as some of LT3's other books and I really liked how this one had a more developed world to it. Now I'd just like more romance ;-)

Definitely recommended.