The Prince and the Jinn - Shira Anthony,  Venona Keyes I read this because I thought it was related to Shira Anthony's other story from DSP - The Dream of a Thousand Nights. While it is set in the same world and does contain the same characters (I think), it is actually not related to the other book at all. Think of this story as what could happen in an parallel universe from A Thousand Nights.

The Prince (who I think is Neriah) is depressed, a beloved prince by his people, his family and his father and mourning his lost wife, the princess. The Prince makes a wish and Tamir comes along to grant it and instead shows The Prince all he has to live for.

I actually thought this was a nice little story. I was expecting something different but what I got instead I enjoyed. It was nice seeing Tamir and The Prince as something other than what they were in A Thousand Nights. I can see how the story was derived from this little short. It's funny how much A Thousand Nights changed from this story, though.

Still, it's a quick read and something I'd recommend if you're looking for something fast.