Life Being What It Is, One Dreams of Revenge - A Romance in Three Acts (Love is Always Write) - Sarah Black To me, the Love is Always Write event is as much for the readers as it is for the writers. The readers get a free and entertaining story while being able to satisfactorily write the prompt and photo into the story challenges the writer. To me, if the prompt and photo aren't in the story, then I'm going to mark stars off no matter if I enjoy the story or not. And this story, neither has the prompt nor the photo which is sad because I liked the photo and was really interested in reading a story with that prompt.

With that said, I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. The writing style is unique enough but I didn't feel like there was really a story. It reads as a script for a movie, then part for a book then an interview and then back to the script/book. But it felt half done like an outline with little snippets of what is going on between the MCs without showing it all happen to them.

I also didn't really find the story funny. It was more confusing to me. I give Ms. Black points for trying for a different style but from a readers perspective it wasn't really a story and I'm like 90% sure I didn't like it because I still have no idea how the MC goes from being betrayed to getting out of bed and drinking coffee with the other MC and apparently living permanently in Fiji? It was chaotic, IMO. Also, there was no romance which is conflicting because of the title and I think there should have been a tag stating there wasn't any romance. Maybe I'm just not imaginative enough for this type of style but I prefer traditional stories instead of scripts, poems and magazine interviews.