Battle Buddy (Rough Rangers, #1) - S.J.D. Peterson I have a lot of personal favorite themes and genres, I won't deny that. Military men hold a special place in my heart, though, because of what they give up to serve our country, no matter what their reasons are for signing up. With this story, I knew no matter what I'd end up liking it.

Well, I ended up loving it even if it's not exactly a style of writing I like reading about. The story is told from Tuck's POV and tells how he meets Owen and how frustrating and annoying Owen was. I enjoyed the way Tuck hated yet desired Owen then was slightly disgusted at himself for that desire. It was cute the banter these two had and the ways Tuck had to put up with Owen's taunting. I loved that it takes place over a few years time when Tuck first meets Owen in boot camp and how their paths keep colliding. It was pretty funny how often they got paired up together especially when you learn of Tuck's reaction to it each time. Owen isn't very fleshed out so I couldn't really connect much with him.

My biggest complaint is that pretty much the whole story is 'told' not 'shown'. I felt like I was being given a verbal story like I'd hear from a friend recanting their weekend. Or in this case the tale of how Tuck met Owen. For me, I'm not exactly fond of that type of writing style. I like being able to experience things and with this story, while it deals mostly in the army, nothing is elaborated on. There's also no details beyond the initial brief description of the troubles in boot camp and beyond which was slightly disappointing. I was also a bit saddened by the ending. I wasn't really expecting an HFN ending.

All in all, I enjoyed the story. It's funny at times and hot at others. I loved the chemistry between Owen and Tuck. I hope the sequel gives us more insight into who Owen is and hopefully more details on military/ranger operations.