Private Eye (Liaisons #1) - S.E. Culpepper "Yep. Run away, unavailable one. It's just not meant to be." ~ Rafe

4.5 stars

Oooh, wow. What to say, what to say that every other reviewer hasn't already? Well, not much so I'll keep it short.

I loved this story. The chemistry between Rafe and Jeremy was scorching and definitely made the story hot, sexy and interesting. Both characters have great personalities and I adored both of them. Rafe is so funny and cute with his unrequited lust for Jeremy and Jeremy is adorable with his confusion over why he likes and is protective of Rafe so much.

I felt like the way Jeremy's desire for Rafe developed and was written was extremely well done. It didn't feel fake and it had just enough angst to make it feel real without going overboard into, "Jesus, just accept your gay already," territory. I really enjoyed that.

The mystery was nice in the beginning but the farther along it went it felt weak and too predictable. Then the ending made it feel out of sorts. I'm not sure. I loved the story but the way the mystery headed and ended just didn't feel right and didn't give me that 'wow' feeling. My heart did race, though, because of where Rafe ends up. I felt like the story ended too soon, though, and the epilogue wasn't much of an epilogue, IMO. I'm kind of sad with the epilogue, honestly. I was expecting more of a feeling of where these two ended up but instead it ended pretty quickly and had me wishing the epilogue had been longer. It didn't seem to add anything extra to the story aside from letting us know there was going to be a barbecue for Jeremy's family. We didn't even get to see Rafe meet Jeremy's family as the boyfriend :(

Overall, I really did enjoy the story. Hence the 5 stars. I loved the connection between Rafe and Jeremy. They had me laughing and smiling through a lot of the story and definitely made it fun and engaging. I wish there were another book about these two, though, because I want to know how they deal with their relationship in accordance with their jobs.