Bound by Blood - Aaron Michaels This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Patrick is a convenience store clerk that will give vampires his blood in exchange for money. He works nights specifically for that benefit. When Mitch comes into Patrick’s store, he knows automatically that Patrick whores himself out to vamps and pays for Patrick’s service. Mitch is different from most other vamps, though. Instead of feeding from the neck or wrist, he wants to feed from a more intimate place. Mitch is used to his meals not caring if he takes pleasure while feeding so when Patrick avidly watches while Mitch eats and gives him a blowjob, Mitch is confused by his reaction and compulsion to watch over Patrick.

Thankfully, the strange bond that connects Patrick and Mitch ends up saving Patrick’s life when later that night, Patrick is attacked by two vampires that don’t care if they leave Patrick as a corpse. But while Mitch might have saved Patrick’s life right then, Patrick has still lost too much blood and is dying slowly. Mitch has never felt so possessive or close to anyone else and he’ll do whatever he can to save Patrick even if it means breaking the one rule he’d promised he’d never break and that’s save a man that’s dying.

This story had a lot of potential and while it was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot, it didn’t actually achieve all that it could have. Because of the length, we get the bare bones of what happens. We know very little of Patrick and a bit of Mitch but none of the world in general, which seems to have accepted vampires and has laws about them. It’s a very fast-paced story but ends up telling the reader what all happens after Patrick’s life is saved instead of showing it. So, while we know that Patrick and Mitch start an exclusive relationship, we are quickly told in a few paragraphs how their lives have played out over a few months. I was disappointed in that because I was liking the story a lot but then it’s just all solved very, very quickly, which left me with a bunch of questions.

I did really like the book. Mitch is bemused by the intense feelings he has for Patrick. He can’t quite understand why Patrick is attracted to him or why Patrick is so interested and remembers Mitch when he’s not supposed to. Patrick himself doesn’t understand it but the bond they inadvertently create is sweet in its simplicity. I liked that Patrick was able to melt Mitch’s heart so fast and that Mitch was willing to break his promise to himself to save Patrick. I really wished we could have seen more of these two and how they make their relationship work. We know they move in and start a life together but actually seeing all that play out would have been more preferable.

Overall, a very nice, quick story. Recommended for those looking for something short and fast that has a little edge of suspense with some sweet moments.