Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas? - Raven de Hart This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Reading the blurb, I was immediately intrigued by this one because I’ve always liked a good scavenger hunt. Because this story is so short, the details of the hunt are very limited but what Skyy discovers during the little game was both funny and cute.

The book started off very promising because of this. I liked the fact that even though Skyy was very tired, he indulged in his lover’s whims and played along. I also found Jonathan’s notes to Skyy very amusing because of the mysteriousness surrounding the whole game.

While I enjoyed the beginning, though, it soon lost its appeal because after the first few pages, everything that happens in the story is sexually based. Whether it was discovering sex toys, taking naughty pictures or Skyy finding out what his Christmas present was, it had some type of sexual touch to that and in the mood I was in, I didn’t appreciate it. I was hoping for a deeper story than that but in the end, I really didn’t know anything about these two beyond their sexual appetites, which was slightly disappointing.

So, while this will surely appeal to others, it missed its mark on me. I started to struggle through it about half way and with such a short story, I feel like that shouldn’t have happened. Regardless, it is a sweet, kinky read that others will definitely enjoy.