Wrapped Up With Tinsel

Wrapped Up With Tinsel - Kanata Pierre This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

This was such a cleverly done story. Amusing, sweet, cute and fun, the author takes the traditional tale of Santa “Nick” Claus and modernizes it. I found this very entertaining because not only does Nick live in a penthouse suite, look like a runway model and is now divorced but he also has taken full advantage of the adult naughty list.

Nick’s assistant, Tinsel, is quite different. He’s hard-working, faithful and dedicated to Nick. They’ve both had feelings for each other but their positions have stopped anything from happening between them even though they enjoy each other’s company very much. I really liked how much fun Nick and Tinsel had together. Even when they were being intimate, they still made it fun by laughing and playing, which I found extremely adorable. The songs they were singing and the teasing they showed was just so fun.

I’ve never read a story where Santa Claus was the main character so this was a real treat this holiday. I enjoyed the way things progressed and played out with Nick and Tinsel. Although, I do wish the story was longer because there’s a six month gap in the end that I’d really like to know what had happened during that time, as well as, how things came to the conclusion they came too.

All in all, a very short, very cute story with all the Christmas fixings.