Sparks, A Tinder Story (Firefighters #7) - Tory Temple This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Sparks picks up five years after Morgan and Chris first start their relationship. While their love is strong and their relationship is more or less solid, Morgan is still harboring a dislike for all firefighters and hates Chris’ job, which causes more tension between the two. When Chris gets hurt in an accident on the job, Morgan’s fears come true and he’s looking to blame someone for the injury. Even when Morgan experiences how the firefighter family takes care of their own, Morgan’s feelings stay the same. It isn’t until Chris can finally get back to work that things go downhill and Morgan’s not dealing with just distance but a possible separation too.

When I originally read Tinder and Embers, I had a love/hate relationship with Morgan. He is such a bastard but I just wanted to hug him because he’s so jaded. In Sparks, that jaded personality is still there, dampened a bit from being in a relationship with Chris for five years, but still there nonetheless. Chris is still the playful guy that I loved; he tries to change Morgan’s opinions of firefighters but it does no good.

I loved the way this story focused on Morgan. To see everything unfold from his eyes was a treat because he’s the one with the big issue regarding firefighters. He’s also an older gentleman so seeing how he thinks of Chris was both funny and sad. There were some funny and sweet moments in this one, as well as, hot moments and it was really great to see Tucker and Chance make an appearance. More than that, I liked that Morgan and Chris still have a love for riding in common.

While I enjoyed the story a lot and getting back to reading of Chris and Morgan again, I had some reservations. For one, this story gave a brief look into their lives now, which was great, but I felt like there was something missing from the story. While you know Chris and Morgan love each other, you don’t actually feel it. Most likely because Morgan is tangled up over Chris’ job. That was my main problem but I did feel like Chris was more immature at times than I remember him to be.

In the end, I really liked this short story. It was great getting back to the series again, although I wish we had a full novel of them instead of multiple short novellas. It was great to finally see Morgan accept Chris’ occupation for more than just resignation but to fully understand why Chris does it.