The Land of Night - Kirby Crow Out of all three books, this one has to be my favorite. I loved the banter and the fighting that went on between Scarlet and Liall. I also loved how different Cestimir was from every other person at court and he had to have been my favorite character. Although, I loved Liall and Scarlet, I wanted to reach my hand into the book and smack Liall across his face at times. Of course, I refrained from doing so because I mostly likely would have hurt my hand instead of his head. :D

But still. I liked the deception/betrayal that Scarlet felt towards the end when all the avoiding Liall did caught up with him. I (kinda) liked how it ended but I wished Scarlet and Liall would have more books so we can see them travel. Which they never will since Liall is now king.

However, I was tempted to give this four stars because of Cestimir being killed. I would have liked Cestimir to be alive when Liall went after Scarlet and Cestimir so that Cestimir could become king and Liall and Scarlet can journey out to the places Liall promises at the end. :( And to learn more about the Shining Ones and about Scarlet's magic.

Alas, that will not happen. It was a good book, all in all. I would recommend it and I hope there will be more books in this time and setting. Whether they are about Scarlet and Liall or another couple doesn't matter to me but I did like the world that was weaved.