Jesse - Jan  Irving Jesse was a really great book that had some steamy sex scenes. Which is the norm for anything from Jan Irving. I loved the characters (especially David) and I thought the storyline was well developed. There were a few parts that jumped quickly from scene to scene but thinking about it, if they were actually lengthened, they probably would have taken the appeal away from Jesse, imo.

Jesse is a sweet May/December romance about an older man, Kyle, losing his partner, Mac, to an accident, and his family, Jesse and David, all in one day. To an abusive father, no less. After three years of not hearing from Jesse or David, Jesse shows up asking for a safe and stable place for David to finish growing up in. While this may seem like a traditional contemporary story, the fact that Jesse and Kyle have a psychic connection, where they can hear each others thoughts, gives it a little bit of a supernatural twist.

Kyle is the ranch foreman who has recently lost several ranch hands and is in desperate need of more help. So, obviously, Kyle agrees to allowing Jesse and David to stay. And the fact Kyle misses them both like crazy cements it.

Kyle has a secret though. He's crushing on his late partner's younger brother. While he battles himself over the fact that Jesse is only twenty and he's forty-four, he starts thinking that Jesse will leave him one day because of his age and because he's too vanilla for Jesse.

When Kyle starts accepting that Jesse feels the same way and they both establish the start of a relationship, bad things start happening. Kyle's prize horses he uses for carriage rides are being poisoned, the fencing surrounding the land is being deliberately cut down, he keeps losing cowhands faster then he can hire them, and someone is trying to hurt Kyle and David by outing Jesse and Kyle's relationship resulting in David running away for a short time.

When David finally accepts their relationship, Morrison, David and Jesse's father, makes another appearance and tries to burn down the ranch they all live on. Thankfully, Morrison and Jed are arrested while (kinda) being caught in the act.

Meanwhile, throughout the whole book, you get scenes of David and his empathic power as well as the issues he goes through with trying to deal with a blackmailing Jed, a drinking buddy of Morrison's, and the memory of Jed raping him at his father's insistence. Well, it's implied he is raped. It's never actually said he is but the way it's talked around gives you an idea it happened.

Add a touch of BDSM and you have yourself an enjoyable read.