The Emperor's Wolf - J.C. Owens One of the reasons I love J.C. Owen’s books so much is because she writes about all the stuff I love to read about: Master/slave relationships that turn into more, forced slavery, fantasy stories, mates and royalty with just a dash of cruelty/abuse and a happy ending.

The Emperor’s Wolf has all of those and coupled with the way J.C. can drag you into the story made this an instant must read to me. Add into it a possessive, cruel alpha that has a soft side and I just fell in love with this book.

FYI, there’s a prologue offered on J.C.'s site for free. It was cut from the book but if you’re thinking about reading The Emperor’s Wolf, I suggest you read the prologue first. It’ll give you a better understanding of what happened before Jaden was forced into slavery.

For spoilers go here.