Spoils of War - Kari Gregg This was a dark read, slightly disturbing at the beginning but ending up as a sweet romance. Micah’s ignorance of who he actually is and what he goes through in his adolescent years is extremely sad. It was made all the better when he was finally rescued by Eli and I was a little shocked when it came to the little twist at the end with Micah actually being Eli’s master.

I really enjoyed this book, however, I would have liked to have read more about Micah’s homecoming. How he finally meets his father after over a decade of being held hostage, how he copes with the knowledge he’s Eli’s master and whether he recuperates from being mute for so long. As it is, I felt the book was incomplete. I’m hoping there will be a sequel so we can find out all about Micah’s new life in Alekia and if he has been able to settle in nicely. Nevertheless, I still recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good, dark, short story about a broken boy and how he finally returns home.

For spoilers go here.