His Hearth - Mary Calmes This was a good book. It’s not a deep book so the characters aren’t developed as a lot of people like them to be but I didn’t mind that.

The book starts with Julian in a position where a cheating ex confronts him at a celebration dinner and is saved by a friend, Ryan, who’s also a client. It goes onto Ryan and Julian eventually hooking up and starting to date. Ending with Julian getting a surprise when he’s attacked in his own home by demons and learns Ryan is what’s called a Warder. They protect humans from dangerous creatures and Julian is his Hearth, a person Warders emotionally invest in. Without Hearths’ Warders will die and unfortunately there aren’t many of them out there. But Julian is one and he’s Ryan’s. When Ryan explains this, Julian takes it pretty well. Accepting what he’s told and eventually asking to kind of experience it by watching as Ryan fights the demons.

I would have rated this 5 stars and the only reason why I didn’t was because I felt the relationship between Julian and Ryan wasn’t developed as much as it could have been and I thought the ending was rushed. There’s definitely action, romance and paranormal elements in this book but I would have liked to see more of the aftereffects of Julian and Ryan after Julian learns the truth. As it was, once he learns it and sees Ryan fight the bad guys, we don’t get much else.

Forewarning, some people might not like this book because they may think it’s unbelievably impossible for any of this to happen but that’s the point. It’s fiction, and on top of that, fantasy, so there are no rules. When reading this book, you have to keep that in mind because whether the blurb makes it seem like it or not, this is a contemporary fantasy, not just a contemporary, but it’s still an enjoyable read and you’ll get a few laughs from it, too.