Trusted Bond - Mary Calmes Bubbles, this is a toss up. It's really, really good and I think you'll like it but there's some violent parts that you might not like. So, it's bubbles-safe but not. i-dunno

This is an awesome book. In fact, it was so good I can’t decide which was better, this one or Change of Heart. It’s a tough decision because I loved CoH soo much. Lol

I liked how we learned more of the world Jin and Logan inhabit. The customs of werepanthers not only in America but in other countries, too, was really fascinating to me. I love when worlds like these are given lots of details because it allows me to get immersed in the story that much easier.

Jin isn't quite the same as he was in CoH but I liked that. He was still the stubborn reah we all loved in the first book but now we got to see more of his feelings and his insecurity with not believing he'll always have a permanent home with Logan and his tribe. How he struggles to survive when people from his past scramble up his new life and what he's now become. Logan was just the same alpha cat he was in CoH and I'm glad he didn't change much from that book to this one because although I love Jin, Logan's my favorite. There's just something to be said about a possessive guy like that. ^_^

Be warned, though, this sequel is definitely not a sweet story. Jin is forced to go through a lot of stuff before his life becomes somewhat normal again. Going from being kidnapped to abused to held hostage again, all without his mate, is a slightly brutal process to read about. But all ends well when Jin's rescued and all his insecurities are brought to the forefront and settled, leaving the story on a definite high note.

However, you'll want to read Change of Heart before reading this one because although it is very detailed and there's a glossary, I started off confused because you get bombarded with names in the beginning. It gets way better once you get past that overload and from there, whenever a weird word pops up, there's a glossary you can look up to help you understand them.

All in all, I was in no way disappointed with this sequel and I'm hoping with the way it's left off, we'll be reading more about Jin and Logan and see what else Jin can do to be a pain in the ass for Logan. Definitely recommended. smile