A Guide to Magical Cant - Shayne Carmichael I really liked this book. I loved the fantasy aspect of it. The whole 'different world' details really interested me considering it was a fantasy novel mixed with historical elements such as royalty lines and such.

The world is built strongly with much detail on the areas Maer and his group travel and the adventures they partake in are unique to even the people set in this world. It kind of had an Indiana Jones feel to it which I loved because I adore those movies.

I found it funny when Maer kept trying to save people and creatures and the others in his group resigned themselves to Maer's need to help. First he helps a sprite, then an elf, then a psychic and finally a noggin. It made the story more enjoyable because it wasn't just all business but gave us an insight into Maer's soft-heart and Ethan, Sophy and Darius' fondness of Maer to put up with his taking in 'strays'.

Although readers might think this is a menage from the blurb (I certainly did at first), it isn't. It's strictly m/m but has very little sex that doesn't happen until the book is almost done and I liked that. It gave me time to take in the beauty of the world described and when Maer starting getting unwanted feelings for Darius, nothing was rushed so we were slowly thrust into what the last scene brings us, which is their first time together.

However, as much as I loved this book, I can't give it more than 4 stars for a variety of reasons. I didn't like how there wasn't a glossary. There were some words used (in italics) that were never explained what their meanings were which leaves us to assume what they could mean. For instance, yerls. There is no meaning but I assume it means years? *shrugs* It just got a little annoying trying to figure out some of those words using words around it.

Another thing I didn't like was the skipping. It went from one scene to another with days in between each and most of the time there weren't any indications that there were numerous days skipped until a few pages into the new chapter. It just irked me because I was interested in certain things said in the previous chapter and they were just skipped over. :-/

Now, I really did like this story. It was interesting to a fantasy-lover like me and I hope there is more to come for Maer and Darius because if this isn't a series, I'll definitely have to change my rating since I consider the ending a cliff-hanger. About three-quarters of the way in, Maer is told by a fae queen that he 'has much to deal with before he can fulfill his rightful future'. In the last quarter of the book, nothing to me was considered 'much to deal with' so I'm definitely rooting for more adventures of Maer, especially since his relationship with Darius is just beginning.

Definitely recommended and I can't wait for more of Maer and Darius. teethy-1