Knight's Fall - Mia Watts I liked this book but not as much as the others I've read from Ms. Watts. I think the reason for this is because the humor I associate with her books wasn't really in this one and I missed that. However, the story is in a fast-paced setting that takes place in one week which I still found enjoyable.

Liam Knight and Andy Powell met six months before at a friends barbecue and since then, Andy hasn't seen Liam until they are thrust together into being partners at an interdepartmental law enforcement retreat. Andy's personalities are all over the place since he doesn't know how to react to Liam, the one man he seems to always make an ass out of himself in front of. Liam likes Andy, too, but only when he encounters the 'true' Andy and not all the false faces Andy falls back on when he's nervous. On this retreat, they're both afraid to open up their hearts to each other but when they do, they finally find out what happiness lies for them in the other.

Andy was definitely a fun character. Seeing him go through his different faces was interesting. One minute he was sultry and sexy, the next he was awkward and shy. I liked, though, how Liam balances Andy out and gets him to finally realize who the real Andy is.

I missed, though, the humor and I felt we didn't get a deep-down look into Liam and Andy's relationship. We only saw the very beginning of Liam and Andy becoming a couple. However, we do get an inside look at them a year later which I liked, I just wish we could have seen what Andy and Liam acted like after the retreat was over and how they coped with becoming an out couple to their separate departments. I was intrigued by another character, James, someone who's in denial, so I can't wait to read his story. :-)