Cameron's Pride - Kim Dare Wow, a great conclusion to the Thrown to the Lions series. It seems to me that with each book Kim publishes, her stories just keep getting better and better.

I loved how this story was different than the others. Whereas the other characters first meet their mates while being thrown to the lions, Franklin meets Cameron well before that when he knows Cameron as only Caramel. He is so fixated on making Cameron his, he's willing to pay to throw himself to the nearest pride just so he can have the lion.

I love dominate men, I mean who doesn't, so when I first starting reading this and I found out both Franklin and Cameron were supposed dominates, I got quite a thrill from it. But to my surprise, and pleasure, Franklin is actually a submissive. He never thought he'd give up control to another man and watching that process was quite interesting. I loved how he still can be the 'aggressive businessman' at work but still be the 'submissive' he needs to be for Cameron. An unsuspecting point to the plot was how much Franklin hated of the man he used to be. The 'rich man' that thought he could throw money at anyone and everyone to get what he wants. Reading as his view on the world is turned upside down drew me in faster than I thought it would have. Watching as he fought with himself on how he first treated Cameron leads to a very surprising scene that heals both Franklin and Cameron.

Cameron, known to everyone at the club he works for as Caramel, is a total dom from the start. He's aggressive and mad at the world and doesn't want to be part of a pride. However, Cameron's jaded look at all humans causes a major rift between Franklin and himself and watching as Cameron works through his anger was both torture and a pleasure. Torture because you just want to hug Cameron and tell him it'll get better but a pleasure because he eventually learns that on his own, with the help of his pride and Franklin.

As always, I liked how this one had elements outside the pride. We get a glimpse of the club Cameron worked at and later on, meet some of the people Franklin works with. The only thing I wished was more explained was what happened between Franklin's co-worker and Cameron. There was a brief explanation but it still left me feeling a little confused on what happened. Besides that I loved the whole story.

I'm sad this is the last book in the series because I would have loved to learn more about the other lions in the pride, since I was under the impression that it was a kinda big pride with more then just the 5 lions that are covered in the series. Maybe one day Kim will come back to this series. I hope at least. Lol

All in all, I definitely recommend this book and the whole Thrown to the Lions series, as well. terrific