Kian - R.J. Scott I really liked this book. The idea of Kian getting revenge on a creature that killed his uncle was quite interesting. Kian and Regan are very likable characters and with the way Regan couldn't help but care for Kian in the end, kept me reading.

However, while I did like Kian, I thought it was a shallow read and I was left with a few questions. Mainly, if bonding means you can read each others thoughts, then how could Kian and Darach read each others minds if they were only friends? Also, where was Kian's family? Didn't they want revenge for Kian's uncle as well?

The world created was interesting from the tidbits that were talked about but I would have liked to learn more about Kian's home world, even if he could never go back to it. And, I would have liked to know what will happen to Kian and Regan now that Regan has accepted the bond. Hopefully, we'll read more about them in the next book.

Overall, this was a good start to a new series. It'd be awesome if the world was more built in the next book so that we get an idea of what the culture and rules are in that parallel world. So, more details and a longer book is what I'm hoping for!! :D