When Love Comes Back Around - Lisa Marie Davis I was on the fence with this book. At times, I liked it but then sometimes I felt it dragged a little bit, especially for such a short book but overall it was a pleasant read.

I liked Royce (awesome name, huh? :D). He was an interesting character in my eyes. He was stern in the beginning of the book towards Caden's requests and I applauded him for saying 'no' to Caden even though it was clear how much Royce loved him.

Caden. Hmmm. I didn't much like him at first. Mostly because I hate characters right off that let their parents rule their lives like Caden let his father do. And, because Caden let his father do that, he broke Royce's heart and then lived a lie for ten years. However, I did grow to like him especially since he wasn't ashamed to tell people of his involvement with Royce after he basically gave his father the finger. So, he definitely redeemed himself in my eyes.

The fact that there isn't any sex in the book was a major plus for me. I liked the fact that, for a short book, it wasn't the main focus, or a focus at all. It gave more time for the details of Caden and Royce's past relationship and their present one to be formed.

I didn't like, though, how it kept going back and forth between the past and present whenever either of them thought of a memory. It was slightly annoying even though I did like the memories themselves. I know, that doesn't make sense but I don't know how to explain it. I liked the memories, I just didn't like the constant switching. *sigh* I also didn't like how easily Royce took Caden back. I mean, Caden broke his heart and didn't have the balls to do anything for ten years?! I would have liked some more grovelling on Caden's part. Lol.

A good book. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a sweet, short read. :-)