Prisoner of The State - Alex Morgan Okay, before I give my opinion on this book, I just have to give a little background about it.

Officer Mason Travers is the youngest chief ever at twenty-three years old. On one hot day in Louisiana, he pulls over a scrumptious man, Paul Baker, for speeding. Taking Paul back to the station for multiple charges, Mason gets this bright idea to make Paul his sex slave. sleazy. It turns out Mason has no trouble at all doing that. He gives Paul a sleeping pill and takes Paul home, putting him in the basement and locking him to the bed.

Over the next few days, Mason is in heaven having his own pleasure slave. Paul, however, is furious. He hates Mason but dupes him by playing along with Mason's warped game and eventually making his escape. Mason is freaking out now, expecting at any minute to be arrested for kidnapping but, thankfully, that never happens. Paul comes back to Mason because he misses his 'master'.

Okay, now, this book had a lot of potential but like Chris said, it read more like an outline than an actual book. It also has to be the most ridiculously, twisted book I've ever read. But you know what? I loved it because it hit every single one of my buttons. It probably wasn't intended to be this way but I couldn't help laughing at some of the things that were written. laugh

A bit of a warning: There's non-con and dub-con with just a hint of rape in it. No lube/condoms or any prep at all. A slight BDSM fetish, kidnapping, groping while Paul is unconscious, manhandling in a slightly bad but good way and has a definite master/slave theme to it.

While a lot of people won't like this one I'd actually like to read more about Mason and Paul. It kind of cuts off after Paul returns so I felt a little cheated. I mean, is Paul intending to stay for good? Did he move to from New Orleans so he could be with his Master? Is Mason going to support Paul now? Basically, what happens after Paul agrees to be Mason's slave?

So, overall, I liked the book. It was different and ridiculous and I want more of Paul and Mason.