Point Of Beginning - Gale Stanley I really liked this book.

It's about a man named Jackson having feelings for his co-worker, Alex, who he believes is straight. Confused about his feelings, he does some exploring and dating with guys which eventually leads him to Richard who takes him to an exclusive club named The Gentlemen's Club. At this club, you can act out your deepest fantasies and when he sees Alex dancing, he knows exacting what his fantasy will be. Asking for a look-alike to act out his desire, he's surprised when the real Alex shows up. From there they learn about the feelings they've both been harboring and figure out a way for it to work out between the two especially when Jackson is jealous of Alex's choice of a weekend job.

The beginning of the story cracked me up. It was just so funny reading about Jackson and the old geezer leering at him and how he only went to the gym because Alex was going. I liked how shy Jackson was. He's what you'd consider a geek while Alex is the jock. While Jackson works in the office at his job, Alex works in the field. They are probably the exact opposites of each other but they love each other.

When I learned that Alex worked at a gentlemen's club, I instantly thought he was whoring himself out but was delighted to read he only danced, never let a guy touch him or give him money for what he did. He danced because he loved it and that's that. So, it was interesting reading about how Jackson would take that. Plus, I just loved how Jackson got slightly possessive and jealous about it. It was just so cute.

All in all, an awesome story if you are looking for something cute, sweet, and short. ;-)