Yummy Indulgences - Andi Anderson 3.5 Stars

This was a cute story. I mean, I liked it but there was just something missing from it that couldn't hold my attention for that long so I put it down and picked it up a few times.

Shiloh and Allen are likable characters. We get a little glimpse of who they are in little details and how they spend their time together. The times that Shiloh didn't realize he had flour or icing or something on his face just made me smile and even though Allen is a recluse, it seemed like he blossomed a little bit from being with Shiloh.

I felt that the issue with Allen's job was 'fixed' way too easily, though. With how much it was talked about and how big of an issue it posed for the story, the resolution to it was over basically before I clicked to the next page on my kindle. I would have liked for it to have been a bit more explained, with maybe more drama to it. As it was, the ending just fell flat to me. :-/

Overall, I enjoyed the story even if it felt a little unfinished. If there is more in the series, I hope we get to see some of the characters from His Christmas Wish and some more of Shiloh and Allen.