His Client - Ava March I absolutely loved this book. I haven't read a historical in quite some time. The reason for this is whenever I'd start one, it wouldn't hold my attention long enough to get far in the book but since I absolutely love books with unrequited love, I decided to give this one a shot. I'm glad I did because I was riveted throughout the whole story.

Jasper and Nate have known each other for five years, ever since Nate came to the brothel to fulfill a desire he couldn't get satisfaction from elsewhere. Since then, Jasper has fulfilled Nate's sexual urges and they've formed a friendship. Along the way, Jasper fell for Nate. Nate, however, is too caught up on his straight best friend to notice. When Jasper finally takes his own advice regarding unrequited love, he retires from the brothel and moves to the country causing Nate to finally come to terms with his feelings for Jasper and his best friend.

I adored Jasper. He's surprisingly compassionate for being a prostitute. I couldn't help but feel the emotions Jasper felt. Whenever there was talk about Nate loving another, I felt the same stab of pain in my heart as Jasper did. I thought Nate was a complete idiot for not realizing Jasper loved him but I still liked him especially when he shed that idiocy. ;-)

The details about the historical era were done just right, for me. I didn't get overwhelmed by the descriptions and I didn't lose interest in it either. I loved how the book ended and the kinky little games Nate and Jasper played together were both funny, sexy and hot.

Overall, a very entertaining story. I highly recommend it!thumbs-up-2