Relentless Passion - A.J. Llewellyn 4.5 Stars

I really liked this book. It was funny and had a smooth, easy to read feel to it.

I loved the characters. Zeca was funny from the start and he just kept on getting funnier, imo. I loved the fact that it showed he wasn't perfect. We read about him trying to impress Antonio and then read through his experience with trains. Antonio seemed like a charming guy and I liked him.

There's a few reasons why I can't give this 5 stars. For one, I absolutely hated Alex. I hated him from the start because if you say you might 'love' your boyfriend, then why would you get your brother, Zeca, to go out with your boyfriend so you can go shag some other dude? Then, when Zeca and Antonio fall in love, why would you be an ass and get all pissy about it even though you're banging the chick next door?

Secondly, I didn't like the fact that Antonio confessed to thinking Alex was Zeca when the two first starting going out. Considering Alex pretended to be Zeca and didn't say anything and when he did, Antonio still stayed with him, I could have lived without that little detail. It just kinda made me not like Antonio as much as I did in the beginning for some reason but it did make me hate Alex more. Lol.

I would have liked if Alex would have actually gotten some sort of punishment for being a douche bag. As it was, he got some groping and some kisses and that's it. :-/ I was hoping for an aloofness from Antonio then maybe something embarrassing happening to him in front of a crap load of people. Which was exactly the opposite of what happened. :-(

I loved the plot of the book, though. It was interesting to see the interactions between the characters, main and secondary ones, and how each one took the switch between the twins. I want more of Zeca, though, so another book about just Zeca and Antonio would definitely be fine by me. :D

Overall, a great book. It's a quick, easy read and I definitely recommend it but be warned, you'll most likely hate the brother. Thankfully, he's not in the book that much. Lol. thumbs-up-1