Bound to Him - Ava March Okay, Bound to Him has to be even better than Bound by Deception. The emotions Oliver and Vincent were feeling, felt so real to me. I didn't want to put down the book once I started.

With this continuation, we get a deeper look into the relationship Oliver and Vincent have 6 months after they became lovers in Bound by Deception. We get a better look at the responsibilities Vincent takes on so he can earn respect from his father. How Vincent's decision, and his lack of accepting himself again, puts distance between him and Oliver. We see how Vincent and Oliver grow over that hurdle that was forced between the two.

Oliver is definitely my favorite character. He takes the conflicts that come between himself and Vincent and grows from it, becoming an independent man. He's smart enough to know when to let go of something before he gets too hurt. Vincent is definitely more cold in this one. His emotions are more invested in Oliver now and because of that, he has to put on a colder front, hurting Oliver in the process. Not to worry, though, he realizes the error of his ways. winky-2

I love the way Ava writes her BDSM scenes. They're so beautifully written to me that a couple of times I found myself re-reading a scene or two. They're just captivating to me. *shrugs* The plot was quite interesting. I loved how we got to see some of their family, Oliver's Grandmother and Vincent's Father.

All in all, an excellent sequel and I can't wait for the third book in the series. thumbs-up-2