Love, Jamie - A.K.M. Miles I started reading this a few months ago so I just picked this back up. My memory is a little hazy on the beginning of the book but from what I do remember is was just about Jamie and Grant getting to know each other. I believe I put it down around the time that Donnie started to threaten Grant and set fire to Grant's room at the rehab center.

I liked the characters. Jamie and Grant were sweet to each other. They're very likable characters. Of course, who wouldn't like Jamie? He's sweet, kind, attractive, and charming. Grant is about the same and the two instantly have a connection because of that. I loved Brit, Jamie's dog, especially since his name was really Whistlebritches (I'm totally gonna name my dog that one day lol)

I liked the plot. The jealous son, Donnie, of the boss secretly liking Jamie and then when Jamie starts to show interest in another Donnie becomes the crazy, jealous stalker. The way that Donnie harassed Jamie and Grant and Brit and Miss Wilhelmina kept me interested. And, let me just say, that I thought the sex scenes were written quite beautifully.

I felt that the book dragged a little at around a third of the way, which is why I put it down all those months ago. While I usually like a slow romance, I felt it was a little too slow and a bit wordy. I didn't start getting interested again until Donnie started harassing everyone. I was also left with a few questions. What is going to happen to Donnie now? Officer Johnson said that Jamie and Grant should go down to the station the next morning after Donnie broke in but they never went. So, what is that information? Hopefully, those questions will be answered in the sequel: Love, Grant.

All in all, a good story. AKM Miles fans will definitely like this one.