Paul's Dream - Rowan McBride I must say that the beginning didn't interest me all that much. I mean, I really liked Paul, others might say he was boring but I liked his coldness, but I absolutely hated Kian. I didn't like him because I felt like he was playing a game with Paul and using him for the sole reason that Paul never got tired no matter how much Kian feed off his sexual energy and because I felt that way, it ruined my enjoyment of the first half of the book.

However, as the story progressed, I started feeling as if what Kian was saying and feeling was actually true and not some misguided 'you'll never be drained so I love you' emotion. He definitely warmed up to me in the end to the point that I'm actually giving this a good rating. Lol. Paul and Asher were my favorites, though. Paul because he was naive of his dream walker power and his lack of emotions. Asher because, well, he's just an automatically lovable character.

The storyline was a great one, though. It drags in a few places but it was interesting to learn about the world created with incubi, wizards, dream walkers, and ciphers. When things started to shake up with a foe from Kian's past is when I basically became glued to my kindle screen. I loved the details to the dreams Paul walked in and how he unintentionally helped people.

All in all, it was a good book. If you can get past the couple of slow parts (and stick through hating Kian, if you do) then you'll like this one.