Dark Heart - Thom Lane 4.5 stars

This book wasn't anything like I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be so dark that I might have even felt a little dirty after reading it but it surprisingly wasn't. Lol.

I will say that I don't consider this BDSM. Not even light BDSM Since the parts that are most likely considered BDSM from the publisher are more of a punishment for disobedience or making a mistake as a slave and not as a sub, I can't classify it as that and it's not even really a romance but it does have a HEA, kinda. Although, the slave does fall in love with his Master, the Master only shows a fondness for the slave but he's still a cruel Master when all is said and done.

I liked Tam. He's a cute, good, little slave, at least most of the time. All he's ever wanted since he's become a slave is to belong to one strong man he can please and call Master. Then Master Mage Lucan shows up and Tam is quick to do everything Lucan wants. Lucan is a cruel man, though, being a necromancer, and a lot of people fear him because of his Master Mage reputation and status. Lucan instantly takes a liking to Tam and in the process Tam falls for the feared mage.

I really liked the plot. It was interesting learning about the world. How there is magic and guildhouses and chapterhouses. It's definitely a fantasy with a little mix of historical in it. I especially liked how Lucan was asked to find out why a sudden occurrence of attacks and thefts have happened. In the process, Lucan uses Tam to help him. Tam goes from a slave boy to a sacrifice to a slave boy to a rescuer all in a few days. Then it all ends happily when Lucan buys Tam from his Mistress and Tam gets his wish

The only thing I had a problem with, which is probably really stupid considering Lucan never made any promises to Tam, was how Lucan would take pleasure from basically anyone. If he was taking a bath, he'd take one of the bath girls, etc. Now, we don't actually see any of this since the book is in first person and from Tam's pov but Tam talks about how no doubt Lucan is with one of the other slaves. Then there is a scene where Tam checks on Lucan while he's sleeping and there's a girl curled up next to him. I just didn't like it. I could have lived without those little remarks from Tam and that one scene.

All in all, I really liked the book. I'm definitely going to read the rest of the series and I hope one day we learn more about Tam and Lucan. However, even though this isn't a dark read, I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has a problem with whippings or if you like your characters to be strictly monogamous (in the sense that you don't even like it when there's remarks about unfaithfulness, however indirectly made, even between masters and slaves. Does that make sense?) But for everyone else, definitely recommended. thumbs-up-1