On Wings of Blue - Anne Cain This was a good, light read and let me just say how much I love that cover. :D

Eiji is a talented musician and being held against his will to entertain warlord Fujiwara. Fujiwara not only wants the beautiful music Eiji creates but he also wants Eiji's body. Eiji, however, wants no such thing. He doesn't even want to play for Fujiwara. All he wants is to be free and go back to the traveling musician that he was. Miserable because of his life he gets the pleasures where he can and after rescuing an injured butterfly from Fujiwara's consorts, playing music for a bunch of butterflies is one of those pleasures. He names a beautiful butterfly with dark blue wings, Hakusa. When Eiji can no longer hold Fujiwara's advances off, Hakusa steps in, begging the Gods to give him a human form, he saves Eiji from the warlord. However, before either of them are safe, they have to deal with the warlord's top samurai and the consequences of Hakusa asking to be human.

I liked Eiji from the start. I felt bad for him and having to put up with Fujiwara made me just want to cuddle him close. While we don't get much information on Hakusa, he is still likable and the fact that he is essentially Eiji's 'knight in shining armor' made him appeal to me.

However, while I really liked the book, I was left with a few questions If Hakusa no longer has wings, then how were Eiji and him able to cross such a huge distance in the air? How did Hakusa go from starting to get weak to being at top strength? and I felt the story wasn't complete with the way it ended. I also would have liked to learn more about Hakusa and how he was able to change from a butterfly to a man and more about who the man was and how his change would affect the rest of his family.

All in all, it was an interesting read and I think if you like Anne Cain then you'll like this one as well.