Making His List - Devon Rhodes I really, really liked this one. It was extremely sweet.

The only relationship Cory and Ken have is a string of one-night stands with stipulations. When Cory's niece, Bailey, gets sick that relationship starts to change. Ken helps Cory through Bailey's sickness and then gets brushed off and dumped. Ken's always had feelings for Cory, though, and when Cory won't return his calls, he decides to see him. However, when he finds out Cory is now sick and Bailey is stuck taking care of herself, Ken jumps at the chance to help. He's taking care of Bailey while Cory is recovering and before Ken knows it, he not only has feelings for Cory but starts thinking about what it'd be like to have Bailey and Cory as a family. Then Ken finds Cory's list for his ideal man and Ken doesn't fit the bill so he leaves but when Cory's in need of support, Ken can't help but be there.

I must say, Cory was a bit of an asshole but he's that way because he doesn't want to hurt Bailey with having her get to know Cory's boyfriends and then having them leave. Ken is a sweetheart. It's like it's ingrained in him to take care of people which is why he instantly turned into a mother hen when Bailey and Cory got sick. Ken was definitely my favorite character.

I really loved this book. Between Cory's desire to have a partner and give his niece a stable home and Ken's desire to be with Cory and have a family, it makes for a great read. Definitely recommended.