A Rose is a Rose - Jet Mykles Let me just say how much I love this cover and I think it's a perfect fit for the book. Now, let me just say how much I love this book. Lol

Carson's been dependent of his rich boyfriend, Anthony, for far too long and when he demands more out their relationship Anthony dumps him. Financially broke, Carson doesn't know what to do and how to survive on just by his paycheck from the burlesque show. Seeing Carson crying, Eddie gives him a single red rose, trying to make Carson feel better. With that single rose, Eddie brightens Carson's day. From there, Carson and Eddie start a friendship that turns into something more. The relationship between them couldn't possibly work when they have nothing in common and add into the fact that Carson is high maintenance and Eddie's not gay and Carson knows the love building between them just isn't enough. Eddie wants to take care of Carson, though, but Carson won't allow it especially when he finds out that dating Anthony got him a lot of privileges including the job at the burlesque show. It's time Carson learned what being independent means.

Carson is the type of man that can easily be mistaken for a girl and he flaunts it in a subtle way. Being raised by a single high maintenance mother basically cemented the fact that Carson would be more into make-up and clothes than sports and beer. I liked that in Carson, though. I found it interesting the way he could be all dressed up as a woman but then still be able to dress as a man if he truly wanted. I think Eddie was my favorite character. He's quiet and sweet and actually listened to whatever Carson had to say whether it was about Anthony or his show or anything. He's as far from Carson's type as he can get. Being a working, modest man, polite and ruggedly handsome as opposed to refined, rich and arrogant.

I liked how we kind of got to see the changes in Carson. He goes through some hard times when Anthony dumps him and knows he needs to stop being dependent on other men. When he starts falling in love with Eddie and loses his job is when he starts to realize that he's never been truly happy with the way his life was and by the end of the story, we see a totally different Carson than we did at the beginning.

All in all, a great book. Whether or not you've liked Jet's work in the past, I think this one will appeal to just about anyone. Recommended.