Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail This is definitely a sweet read and while nothing really exciting happens, the interactions between the two MCs and what they go through just to be together was interesting to me and kept me hooked on the book.

Toren and Wesley have to be about the exact opposites. Wesley's the 'bad boy' while Toren is the 'nerd'. Wesley does drugs and drinks while Toren doesn't. Toren's family is accepting and loving while Wesley's family, aside from the brother, are mean and bigoted. Toren has no self-confidence while Wes has an overabundance of it. Wesley doesn't care what people think while Toren never stops caring what people think. The list just goes on and on about how different they are but no matter how long that list is, they still have some things in common and they still love each other to pieces.

It's really hard to decide which character was my favorite because both Wes and Toren have really great qualities. I loved the fact that Toren blushed so much. It was adorable how much he blushed and how Wes could so easily get him to do it. Wes, despite his bad boy image, was quite sensitive, patient and sentimental. He listened when Toren talked and didn't get all mean when Toren let tears fall. There was even a few scenes where I sighed because it was so sweet what Wes did for Toren.

Like I said earlier, nothing really exciting happens. This book is just about two teenagers trying to find their way on their own while having to deal with Wesley's bigoted parents. We first see Toren go through the process of accepting himself as gay because of his feelings for Wesley. Then, how they both deal with Wesley's parents finding out about them and how they can make a relationship work while Toren goes to college and Wes works full time. They deal with the struggles that every relationship no doubt has from jealousy to taking care of the other when they're ill.

And, can I just say how funny Wes and Tor are? Omg, I was cracking up throughout almost the whole book. There's quiet a few scenes where you'll be chuckling especially when it comes to what happens to Tor in Biology. too-funny-1

Overall, this was an awesome book which I recommend to absolutely everyone. thumbs-up-2