Regularly Scheduled Life - K.A. Mitchell It was really hard to rate this one and really hard to think of a review. I always try to write more good things than bad things *frustrated sigh* but I just can't for this one.

It's not often that I take away stars because of my feelings for a character but in this case, I absolutely detested Sean and Brandt.Let me first start off saying that the blurb really doesn't tell much about the book. Yes, it says what happens to Sean and how getting injured affects the lives of Sean and Kyle but what it leaves out is Brandt. Brandt is the reason why Sean and Kyle's lives were turned upside down, not the shooting. You know why I think this? Because Sean and Kyle would have pulled through if they just had to deal with Sean's injury and a few weeks of being in the public eye. Sean and Kyle would have gotten into fights because Kyle was hovering but in the end, it would have been fine for the two but, no, Brandt had to fuck it all up for everyone. Basically instead of the shooting and Sean's injury just being blown over, Brandt drags it on for months, making money off of Sean being a 'hero' while making Kyle miserable and purposely flirting with Sean while Kyle is nearby making Kyle hate Brandt all the more because what does Sean do? Flirts back. Brandt basically brainwashed Sean! Telling him he was helping other people out when, honestly, it seemed like Sean was just making it worse! While extorting his heroism at the same time! Grr!

Sean, oh how much I hate you, Sean. I wanted to stick my hand through my Kindle and throttle him until he turned blue in the face and then I'd like to take some of the knowledge that I've learned in those cruelty books I'm so fond of and use them on him just for how much he was hurting Kyle. He completely disregarded all of Kyle's feelings, especially the ones concerning Brandt and didn't get a rats ass that he was doing that. I hated how much he was dismissing Kyle's fears of what extorting being a 'hero' would mean to them. I hated how he wouldn't even listen when Kyle would tell Sean about them. Sean would ask what was wrong with Kyle and whenever Kyle would answer Sean wouldn't even let him finished a fucking sentence. He basically tosses Kyle away so that he can have his fame and his glory and his oh, so, fucking hot PR guy, Brandt, and be on his lovely way. And while he's walking all over Kyle, he's saying how much he loves Kyle and promises to do this and that and stop all the publicity but what does he do? The first chance he talks to Brandt he agrees to do more talk shows! Oh! And lets not forget about the whole Christmas thing. He books a show at Disney for Christmas. Instead of asking if Kyle wants to come along, he books a flight for himself. And Brandt. Yeah, way to fucking show how much you love a guy, Sean. Oh, yeah, and Sean did everything to push Kyle away. All Kyle wanted to do was help whether it was getting him a drink, massaging his leg or just being there to listen when Sean needed it but what does Sean do when Kyle tries helping? Snaps at him, yells at him, gets angry at him but here's the kicker, Sean lets Brandt do all that shit to him and the only thing Sean uses Kyle for is sex. Which to me means that their six year relationship they had basically was reduced to being fuck buddies. I just fucking hated how he walked all over Kyle, the man he supposedly loved.

In the end, though, there's a HEA. Honestly, I would have been happier if Sean died and Kyle moved on because while Sean and Kyle do end up together, I'll always have this thought that Sean doesn't actually mean what he's saying to Kyle and the first chance another twink shows up, Sean will do all the shit he did to Kyle all over again. So, all those 'I love yous' and 'I'm sorrys' are totally bullshit in my mind because if Sean really loved Kyle that much, he wouldn't have been so inconsiderate of what Kyle was feeling and wouldn't have gotten so angry whenever Kyle didn't like an idea or disagreed with it. Everything Sean says to Kyle to make it better just seemed false to me.

That is basically what this book is about. Kyle getting walked all over because Sean, the man who has supposedly loved him for six years decides that there's a new twink in town and he'd like to have him while saying 'fuck you' to Kyle.

Oh, and I really didn't like how everyone was on Sean's side for a majority of the book when it was Kyle being wronged. So what if Sean was injured, he wants to be an asshole then his ass deserves to be dumped. Kyle's friends and family had no right to make Kyle feel bad for how he was feeling about all the publicity and what Sean's decisions were doing to their lives.

The only highlight of this book was Kyle, imo. And maybe Tony and Jack. I just felt so bad for him that I want him all to myself. He's sweet and caring and tries to make Sean happy when all Sean is doing is making them both miserable. The writing is really good, though. I wanted to just not finish this book but the writing is strangely captivating even with how much sex there is. And the fact that this book was so able to get a rise out of me is why I'm not giving it one star.

Honestly, it breaks my heart giving this story such a low rating (since a 2 for me is a poor book) because I've loved all the books I've read from KA but I just hated this one. Sean and Brandt ruined my enjoyment of it and I just couldn't get past what an absolute douche bag Sean was. I'm sorry but I can't recommend this one. :-/