Love Means... Courage - Andrew  Grey I really liked this one much better than the first in the series. Like a lot of reviewers, I was skeptical on reading this story because I already know what is going to happen to one of the MCs but once I got into the book, I just didn't care that much.

Len and Cliff are very lovable characters. In my case, I liked Len back in Love Means... No Shame and I just fell more in love with him in this book so I was glad I got to see Len get his own story. Cliff was surprising to me. I would have thought it would take him a longer, and harder, time to accept the fact that he was gay but it didn't and I thought it was written quite well. Although, if I would have known before I read Love Means... No Shame that this was a prequel, I would have read this one first. Little Geoff was so cute and I loved seeing how he acted as a toddler and seeing how he had a big part in how Len and Cliff get together and a big part in how Cliff gets over his grief and accepts his relationship with Len.

Overall, a great book and for anyone not familiar with Andrew Grey, I'd start with this book and this series.