Love Means... Freedom - Andrew  Grey I think this one is my favorite in the Love Means... series so far. Probably because Stone and Preston don't start off on good terms.

Stone gets kicked out of his home because he's gay. After hitchhiking for a while, a trucker leaves him to freeze in the cold where he finds his way to Geoff and Eli's farm. They take him in, feed him, warm him and let him rest. Stone, wary of the generosity, is ready to leave before they make him leave. When he finds out they aren't going to kick him out because he's gay, he starts to relax and do his portion of work on the farm and that includes helping in the No Boundaries program. Preston was hit by a drunk driver which put him in a wheelchair with the prediction he'll never walk. He's determined to prove everyone wrong by walking someday. His therapist, and best friend, tells him about the No Boundaries program but after only one session, Geoff is ready to tell Preston he can't come back because of the way Preston treated Stone. Stone, however, doesn't want that to happen. He believes Preston is just lashing out at people because of his condition and Stone's determined to help him. After Preston learns what Stone does, he starts to realize how mean he's been acting to everyone and how special Stone is once they're on friendly terms. Before they can be happy, though, they have to work through the havoc Preston's dad creates.

I really, really loved Stone. There's just something about characters that think they have no home and don't deserve anything that pulls on my heartstrings. Stone is like that. He thinks he's not good enough for Geoff and Eli's home, then for Preston because of what happened to him and what he had to do to survive after he was kicked out. Preston was a bastard in the beginning of the book. I honestly didn't like him for the first couple of chapters but he slowly started to change when he sees how kind Stone was on his behalf. It was fascinating seeing the change from the cocky, arrogant bastard to the sweet, touching man that Stone falls in love with.

I really liked how we saw more into the No Boundaries program that was started at the end of Love Means... No Boundaries. I also liked the fact that Stone didn't have a problem with Preston being in a wheelchair and giving Preston a chance even after how rude he was at their first meeting.

All in all, I loved this book. It held my attention throughout and I didn't want to put it down. Definitely Recommended!