Love Means... No Fear - Andrew  Grey Another great story in the Love Means... series! I loved Jonah and Raine, they were so sweet and vulnerable.

While Jonah likes his life in the Amish community, he can't help yearning to explore the English world. His uncle agrees to persuade Jonah's father to let him do so and takes Jonah out to nowhere and leaves him. With a little help from his uncle, Jonah is able to find where Eli lives and a place to stay and learns that his brother isn't who he thought he was. Geoff brings Raine home after he's injured from a gay bashing to heal someplace where it's safe. Jonah and Raine become closer because of Jonah's instinctive need to take care of someone when they're ill. Between Jonah's father and Raine's attacker following him, their new found love becomes even more complicated then just Jonah's acceptance of being gay and Raine's eventual leaving.

I liked Jonah. His innocence and ignorance on what the real world is like was really cute. It made me smile at times when someone would say something and Jonah had no idea what it meant. I really liked Raine, too. For someone who hated commitments, he sure became possessive of Jonah quickly especially when Officer Duane flirted with Jonah (who had no idea Duane was flirting. He just thought Duane was asking him out because he wanted another friend).

While I really liked the story, I felt the conflict with the attacker was a little forced and anticlimactic. I just think with all the suspense leading up to Raine's attacker following him, the resolution to that conflict felt a little flat. I also felt Jonah's reaction to being gay and accepting it was pretty mellow. I mean, for someone who grew up Amish, it didn't take him long to start kissing Raine. I just felt it didn't fit with the Jonah introduced in the beginning of the story, the one that yelled, "Sodomites! You're sodomites!" at his brother, Eli, when Geoff was kissing him. It just didn't seem to fit with my impression of him. I also didn't really like the ending and how Raine and Jonah agree to live. I was hoping for something a little more settled (in relation to how they live now and how often they see each other) so it felt slightly unfinished to me.

I will say I'm really excited for the next book because of the little bomb Geoff and Eli dropped at the end. At least I'm hoping it'll be elaborated more in the next Love Means... book. I'm also hoping one day Officer Duane will get his own book and maybe Micah, Jonah and Eli's younger brother, too, because I think that'd be completely awesome if Micah had a HEA.

Overall, though, this was another great book. Definitely recommended.