Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Wow. Just wow. I'm not even sure what to say. I'm still trying to digest my feelings towards it. I mean, I loved the book to death. I could probably read it over and over and never get tired of it but damn! Those sex scenes were hot and borderline uncomfortable. In a good way! Lol

I love books that test my limits and Nowhere Ranch definitely does that. I'll forewarn everyone right now, if you don't like fisting you should take a pass on this book because there's definitely some of that in here along with some pony play, bondage, and rough sex. So, yeah, strong BDSM.

I fell in love with Roe from the beginning, though. He's had a hard life with dropping out of school because he couldn't learn right, being kicked out of his home because he's gay, going to prison and then moving around a lot because he can't stay in one place long. He's not very talkative, prefers to keep to himself and just thinking of being in a relationship makes him itch to run. I loved Travis, too. He's not the traditional 'perfect character'. He's over forty and has a paunch instead of six pack abs. With him being quiet and attentive and a former math professor, you'd never think he's a sadist at heart. Roe and Travis make the perfect couple, though, because whatever extreme desires Travis has, Roe is thinking he wants them as well.

Beyond the hardcore BDSM, there's a touching story. Roe doesn't bed the same person twice but with Travis he does. He gives Travis the trust he's never gave anyone else and Travis gives Roe his. This story is about Roe and Travis finding the one love they thought they'd never find. About Roe finding a home he thought he didn't deserve and having a family he thought he'd never have again. I found it extremely sweet how Roe and Travis didn't want anything beyond the amazing sex they had but couldn't help but fall in love and how hard it was for Roe to accept the change in their relationship. I loved the role Haley played. She was fun, spunky, fiery and energetic and pretty much always got her way. It was hilarious. And I loved how it ended. I think it fit perfectly with what Roe's been subconsciously looking for his whole life.

Overall, this was an excellent story and I hope we one day get to revisit these two and little Gracie and Haley again. It pushed my boundaries just right and I definitely recommend it. However, if you don't like BDSM then I suggest you skip it. Oh, and it's in Roe's first person pov and I know some people don't like that. I, however, thought it fit the story perfectly.