GhosTV - Jordan Castillo Price I really liked this addition to the PsyCop series. It was nice to see Vic and Jacob working side by side again and Con Dreyfuss even warmed up to me with everything we learn about him during the book.

Vic, of course, was his smart-mouth, sarcastic self. I found him hilarious and the constant way he'd be thinking of something totally off topic when he was supposed to be paying attention. We briefly see a new side of Jacob in this one, though. During all the mystery, suspense, astral projection and the GhosTV we see the side of Jacob that shows he's not just the stoic, always calm Detective Marks but the slightly insecure part of himself that thinks Vic will start looking for someone younger and firmer. Which is funny because the way Jacob is described is one hunk of a man :P

I gotta say, I was fascinated by all the Psych talk. Considering this took place at PsyTrain, a Psych training facility, we get a good amount of information on astral projections, light walkers, dream analysis, and automatic writing. Which I loved but I also loved seeing Vic's powers grow, Jacob start getting the hang of his power and even seeing that Con Dreyfuss has a power (what that is, we still don't know). The mystery behind the disappearance of Lisa was quite interesting and watching all the pieces fall into place and the kidnapper/suspect found out and how it's all dealt held my attention throughout the book (even though I had a suspicion who the bad guy was, thanks to Bubbles :P)

All in all, this was a great book and I can't wait for #7 to come out. Fans of the PsyCop series will definitely love this one. Although, you should be warned that there is, what I consider, a cliff-hanger at the end.