Home Sweet Home - Clare London I liked this one but I was a bit confused in the beginning. Reading the blurb, it sounded as if Chaz and Ryan were ex-lovers but in the beginning I got the impression that they were just friends, or at least that is how they acted, and then I thought they were still overs but just had a small fight or something. As the story progressed, though, it became more obvious they were, in fact, ex-lovers. Although, there's no indication of how long they've been broken up, or taking a break as they consider it.

Still, Chaz and Ryan are complete opposites but somehow their attitudes compliment each other. They both say heated things to each other but don't really mean it because no matter how much they don't have in common they still love each other even if they fight a majority of the time.

Overall, this was a cute, short story. I hope someday we get more of Chaz and Ryan. Recommended.