The Cat’s Meow - Stormy Glenn This was a really cute story about a guy who turns into a house cat only after he has sex for the first time and he just so happens to have it with the man who's going to kill him.

Noah and Gage are definitely up high on my list of cute couples. Gage being an assassin and Noah a house cat with OCD was just too adorable. The beginning cracked me up with Noah's almost robotic-like actions and his constant need to clean up before he forgets to do it. I picture his apartment to be like a sterilized psychiatric room, in the sense of cleanliness. Lol

I found the plot quite interesting with how Noah's mom has kept him hidden from his uncle and how getting rid of his virginity is what causes him to shift into a kitty and then ultimately brings about all the people trying to kill him. Of course, Gage was trying to kill him because he was a (kind of) witness to a job Gage was on.

All in all, a really cute story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the Assassin's Pride series and hopefully more about the cats. Recommended :D