Wolf's Survival - T.A. Chase 3.5 stars - So close to being rounded down to three stars but the epilogue was just too good so I rounded up. Lol

For the record this is the second time I've read this. I read the blog version and also the published version. From what I can tell there isn't much difference between the two besides an added prologue and epilogue. I loved the blog version but I guess since I already read it once, I noticed more inconsistencies and had more questions this time around than I had the first time.

I did love both Ollie and Jacob. Ollie was cute in his nervous babbling and the adorable way he'd say G-rated curse words. Jacob was big, bad, and grumpy which I loved.

However, the plot and characters felt slightly hollow to me like they weren't developed all the way. I noticed a few inconsistencies and was left with quite a few questions regarding Jacob. One such inconsistency was when Jacob was talking about previous lovers, he says that none of them wanted to stay on his ranch for long but then he says a few chapters later how he never brought lovers home. That just stuck with me for some reason. I was also confused about how Jacob was in the military. He said he was special forces but that would mean it was recent, right? Because I just can't see special forces being created back in the 1800s or so since Jacob is apparently hundreds of years old and I can't see how the government, and the town, wouldn't notice that there was something weird about Jacob. For one, he never ages and, two, did he have papers forged so he could go into the military? And it had to have been after his family was killed, right? Because he was at school when it happened so what happened to his ranch while he was in the military if his family was dead and his sister left? I'm just surprised the town hadn't gotten suspicious with Jacob having lived there for centuries without being found out. I also had a little problem with how Ollie accepts Jacob being a werewolf. It just seemed odd to me that Ollie claims he knew from the beginning what Jacob was but nowhere in the whole book does Ollie give any hint that he knows about werewolves during his POVs. I think because of that, it made the ending seem rushed and felt like it was just a conventient way to tie up the story and be done with it :-/

All in all, it's a good story if you were to overlook all my questions. I rather enjoyed the first read through but I just couldn't help noticing all that. Lol.