Blood Moon - M.J. O'Shea 4.5 stars

I really liked this one. It was sweet the way Zack and Noah loved each other at such a young age and still loved each other even after 3 years of being separated all because Noah was trying to protect Zack from the danger associated with being with a Harper.

I loved Zack. The story is solely in his POV (first person) so we get a good idea about all the emotions and thoughts he had. I especially liked the way Zack's reaction to Noah being a vampire wasn't easily accepted. He freaked out and didn't believe Noah. He needed Noah to prove it to him but only after he ran from Noah. Of course, Noah was hurt but it was just so sweet how he tried to keep Zack from learning about all the supernatural stuff years ago only to be in basically the same spot when they reunited. I was kind of prepared to hate Noah because of him hurting Zack when they were young but it wasn't possible for me to not like him especially after learning he did it all because of his love for Zack. He's considerate, sweet and kind. He always has Zack's well-being in his mind first and I really liked that.

It was nice seeing Noah and Zack reconnect at the place where Noah broke it off and I liked the whole friends to lovers theme. I was hooked on the story. We not only see their relationship start anew but we see them have to deal rogue vampires that killed Noah's parents, whether or not Zack should be a vampire and having to deal with Noah's family's biased opinion on vampires. I really loved it.

As much as I loved the book, it started to drag slightly towards the end. Not enough to roll my eyes and wish it would end already or to even ruin my enjoyment of it but enough for me to notice.

All in all, this was a great book. I'm looking forward to the sequel, Hunter's Moon and seeing PC get a happy ending. Definitely recommended. :D