Sebastian's Wolves - Valentina Heart At times like these, I want to do a whole re-vamp of all my ratings and reduce the stars of them all down one just to show how much I actually love a book. Lol. But I don't because that would most likely take years. I loved this book to death, though. It was so touching and intense and I couldn't put it down once I started.

I loved Sebastian. There's just something about broken characters that pulls on my heartstrings. I can't help but fall in love with them and Sebastian is one of those characters. Losing his mate, Tim, pushed him so far to the edge he stayed in wolf form for months, which is unusual, and it wasn't until he met up with the West Pack and Konner that he was able to get his life back together. He's sad but he's healing. Eshan is vibrant. I don't even think that's a good word for him. He's different and makes a dangerous statement with his brightly dyed mohawk. He has an air of danger around him but he's sweet, loving and playful. They make a perfect couple.

It's really heartbreaking with what Sebastian goes through. Having a mate he loved dearly for eight years and then who just up and dies without any warning and by a freak accident is just truly sad. How Sebastian copes with it and how he comes out of his grieving as a shell of the person he used to be makes you just want to give him a giant hug and not let go. But then Eshan comes along. He's hurting, too, but in different ways and all because of his abusive alpha. The chemistry they have together is phenomenal and intense. They connect not only in their human skins but with their wolves, too, and they complete each other. For Sebastian (since it's only in his POV, first person) Eshan fills the whole in his heart. He will always mourn the loss of his first mate, Tim, but now that he has Eshan, he knows his life can go on. He has a new mate, a new caring pack and a job he loves doing. He doesn't need much else.

I was sucked into the book from the start. We get to see Sebastian and how he acts with both of his mates. First with Tim and how Sebastian reacts to his death and then with Eshan and how he reacts when Eshan is in trouble. This book was suspenseful and intense and fun. It ended perfectly with answers to all the questions I was dying to know the answers to and I loved it.I hope we get more of this world and more of Sebastian and Eshan... Of course, I wouldn't object to maybe Magen's story? Or even Konner's? Or Mark's? It's a given they have to be m/m, though. ;-P

Overall, an awesome story. I definitely recommend it! :D