Skin Deep - S.W. Vaughn I have to admit that the beginning was a bit slow to draw me in but once it caught my attention I was sucked in and ended up loving it.

I loved the fact that while Will was in an abusive relationship he ended it when it got to the point of causing serious damage. He's a strong human since he can live past his abusive relationships and not become jaded or broken to the point of afraid of touch. Cobalt was just soo sexy to me. He's loving and caring and has only good intentions at heart for Will. They fit each other well.

The plot was suspenseful and interesting to me. What the fae look like outside their human-skins was detailed and appealed to the side of me that's a fantasy buff. The conflict with Cobalt's past, his enemies, and the overall fallout kept me riveted.

I'm looking forward to the next book and I'm hoping we'll get more information about that caller at the end because my interest was definitely peeked and whether or not it was related to someone Cobalt talk to during the book. Definitely recommended.