A Note in the Margin - Isabelle Rowan Sad and sweet. This book will have your emotions raging all over the place. From angry to sad to happy to sad again and back to happy and satisfied. You'll most likely shed at least one tear getting to know both John and David. They made an amazing couple and their time spent together allows them both to come to terms with a few things and ultimately heals them both and makes them into better, more stable, people.

I absolutely loved it. Jamie and Adam, and the rest of the secondary characters, were awesome and made the story more enjoyable especially when they were there to cheer on John and David's relationships and give them advice when things got rocky between them. Although John and David don't start to communicate until the end, the love they have for each other shines through the words and makes this one a real page turner with all it's ups and downs, happy and sads, and tears and laughter. Definitely recommended.